TL;DR Matched betting utilises the free bet offers from bookmakers to generate free cash by ensuring the bet never loses. It’s a simple concept that can quickly make you over £1,000, which covers the cost of a trip away.

This is not a scam, it’s not multi-level marketing and it’s not too good to be true. It does work, it doesn’t take up much time and is easy to do – after all, even I’ve managed to make over £2,000 from this simple concept. And I’m not the only one – over 100,000 others have done the same plus it’s been featured in national UK newspapers as a great side earner:

The Guardian

The Telegraph

So most people get really put off the minute I mention the word betting. But this is different – it’s called matched betting – where you can make a profit from using a simple formula (as long as you do it correctly, of course).

The idea is that the bookmakers (aka the online betting shops) are always offering free bets to new and existing customers. Most people will just use the free bet normally – and in most cases lose.

However, with matched betting, you cover both outcomes, converting the free bets into real withdrawable cash. Cool huh?

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A woman with a fan of £20 notes covering the lower half of her faceHow does it work?

I’d advise signing up to Profit Accumulator – they have some great tutorial videos and a FREE TRIAL if you want to jump right in.

There are different types of offers. I’ll run you through the simplest ones first, so you get the idea. Note: You do need to have a bank account and debit card to start with, plus sometimes proof of ID and your address.

Sign-up offers are the best and the ones that will make you £1,000 super quickly. This is where the bookmakers (bookies for short) tempt you to open an account with them by offering large free bets.

For Example:

A bookie is offering £100 in free bets if you sign-up and place a ‘qualifying bet’.

Generally, this means you need to place a bet, or several bets of a certain amount and of odds above a certain number in order to get the £100 free bets. You must read the Terms and Conditions for each offer, as with every bookie it varies.

This example offer requires that you make a deposit of £100 and place a qualifying bet over odds of 1.5 with that deposit to get the free £100 of bets.

I know what you are thinking – so I’m losing a £100 to gain £100 right? Wrong.

With every bet you place at the bookmakers you are going to place another bet on the opposite outcome with another bookmaker known as an exchange. This is known a ‘laying’ your bet. You need to use a piece of software to find a good ‘match’ i.e. a good bet that has close to the same odds at the bookies and the exchange and also a calculator to tell you how much to place as the lay bet. Luckily Profit Accumulator has the necessary software and calculators to help you, just sign up and follow the instructions. They even have a free trial so you can test the system first!

You will need to pay commission and it does cost you a couple of pounds or less to place and lay the qualifying bet, however, this is a small price to pay to then use the free bets to make a nice profit.

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A football on a soccer pitch
Once your qualifying bet has been placed, the bookies will normally credit your account with the free bets. You then place and lay a bet as before, but this time you look for matching bets on the software system that have odds above 4 or more.

In the end, you should walk away with £75 or more for around 15 minutes of ‘work’.

You can repeat this with all the bookies that have sign-up offers. They then will send you offers as existing customers, to which you can apply the same basic principles. This means you can continue to make extra cash every month!

Profit Accumulator has step-by-step guidelines for almost every offer from nearly all the bookmakers, and a FREE TRIAL which makes it a complete doddle.

Top Tips:

  • You need to act like a regular gambler, otherwise, the bookies work out what you are doing and ban you from free offers. The best way to do this is to place your bets close to the beginning of the event and on popular games.
  • Try to put your back bets on what you and the bookies expect to lose so that the money ends up in the exchange. This reduces the problem of having to wager your winnings, which can be a requirement for some offers. Wagering means placing enough bets to churn through an amount of money at the bookies, which in reality is fine because anything you do ‘lose’ with them ends up in the exchange.
  • Keep a spreadsheet of your matched betting details – what you have placed and where, so you don’t miss any of the free bets.
  • Always read the terms and conditions to see what you need to do – you may need to complete any wagering within 14 days, which if you are busy might not be so convenient!

Calculator and coins

What happens if you make a mistake?

Profit Accumulator has a handy forum where you can ask for help. If its an emergency then they also have a service centre to rescue any errors.

In the UK money that is made through betting is not subject to taxation – this may be different in your country so do check the law regarding this.

For Example

A bookie emails me an offer of a £50 free bet. I need to place a £50 pre-match qualifying bet on a soccer match and if I adhere to the terms and conditions, I am awarded a free £50 bet to use whilst the match is being played.

First I sign into Profit Accumulator and I find the offer the email refers to and I choose a bet that is closely matched in odds according to the Profit Accumulator software.  In this example, the closely matched bet is for a result of Team A to win the match at full time.

I sign into the bookmaker’s site and select the match the offer relates to and place a £50 bet on the Team A to win. I open the exchange website and select the same soccer game. I use the Profit Accumulator calculator to tell me how much money I should place on the exchange site for Team A not to win i.e. the lay bet. I also see from the calculator that I will make a small initial loss of £3, but that’s ok as I am making a large profit from the next step. If Team A wins the bookie pays out cash to me, but if they do not win the exchange pays out cash to me instead. The win-win scenario.

Girl in orange and white soccer kit heading the ball

The match starts and I am awarded a free £50 bet to use in-play. The odds normally stabilise at halftime, so I check back at then and use the Profit Accumulator software to find another bet for this game that is closely matched. I make sure I am using the ‘Free Bet Stake Not Returned Option’ and choose a bet that has high odds, over 4.0 is a good start. In this example, it is that the final score with be 3-3. I repeat the process, place a bet on the bookie’s site that the result will be 3-3, I lay this off at the exchange (the result will not be 3-3) and then relax.

At the end of the match, if the result is 3-3 then I will have ‘won’ at the bookies and they will pay out to me. If that isn’t the result, the exchange will pay me instead. This is another win-win, as the ‘free’ bet is now money in the bookie’s account or the exchange account and ready to withdraw.

Therefore I am around £35 pounds richer for approximately 10 minutes work.

If the bookies also offer early pay out if your team goes ahead by two goals and then either draws or loses the match, then you get a double pay out. Once from the bookies for the two goals ahead and then by the exchange as the team did not win. This is unusual but definitely, the best win-win-win scenario going!

Imagine doing this with a couple more sign-up offers or similar free bet deal for existing customers a week? Within three months that’s easily over £700 for just around an hour’s effort. Of course, you can put in more time and complete more offers to rack up the cash quickly.

There are over 100,000 people who are using this system already with Profit Accumulator, so why not try the free trial they offer and see for yourself how easy it is.

This is genuinely how I make money to pay for two trips every year, by combining this easy income with collecting air miles or using low-cost airlines, jumping on awesome free accommodation options and taking advantage of free ways to enjoy destinations.

Any questions?

Pop them in the comments and I’ll answer them for you.

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