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A Review of Some Handy Safety Apps

When you travel you are in a new environment without any idea of how safe you are. You can easily find yourself in the wrong part of town or unaware of the hazards you might encounter. You might be alone or have lost the people you with or simply cannot find them. There are ways to reduce your risk and also some handy apps that can help you be more safety conscious. These are some apps that can help you assess the safety of areas you might be considering travelling to, help locate you and make you feel more safe.

How to Make Eating When Travelling Alone Easy

Travelling by yourself is a great experience and can be a huge personal challenge. It allows you to go where you want and do what you like, without needing to consider anyone else. It does have its downsides, you can feel lonely and it can be quite daunting to dine alone. Luckily there are some tricks you can use to make eating when travelling solo more enjoyable.

The Big Question: Why Travel?

Travel can be a life-changing experience in many ways. But why do it? It’s the biggest question. It can be a very positive pursuit and even addictive. However, travel is expensive, it can put you in danger and it takes you away from your home comforts, as well as your support network of family and friends. People may try and dissuade you from travelling and question why do you want to do it in the first place. Here are some reasons why travel is good for you and how it can change you for the better.

How to Survive a Long Haul Flight

If you are heading to a far-flung destination it usually means you need to spend several hours in the air. This can either be a great journey or a very boring waste of time, depending on how you manage it. The secret to surviving long-haul flights is to maximise the experience, and these tips can show you how to do it:

Travel Planning: Why You Should ALWAYS Get Travel Insurance

You have bought the flights, found the accommodation, arranged your foreign currency, researched activities, and packed the sunscreen. There’s one last thing to do, and that’s getting almost every eventuality backed up by insurance. So why is it a good idea to buy travel cover? Here are a few reasons to consider why buying adequate insurance is a good idea:

A Handy List of Travel Apps

Once upon a time, you travelled with a heavy guidebook, a muster of courage to ask a local for more information and by crossing your fingers for luck. These days all you need to know is condensed into a small gadget; all that nervousness, excitement and air of uncertainty has vanished. Information is available to you anywhere there is a network or WIFI signal and you have a smartphone device loaded with lots of useful apps. But which apps are the best? Here’s a guide to some of the handiest apps out there.

How to be a Responsible Traveller

With greater numbers of people travelling comes a greater need for responsibility. The planet can only continue to sustain life if we give it the respect it deserves. In addition, the preservation of locations we visit needs to be considered and also the local people should be given the courtesy they deserve. So how do we go about this? Well here is a handy guide with a few tips on how to be a responsible traveller:

Unusual Foods to Try When Travelling

One of the best aspects of visiting another country is trying their national foods and regional specialties. Most of the time they feature the usual meats, carbs, and vegetables with maybe some different herbs and spices or methods of preparation or cooking. Sometimes you do encounter cuisine that might seem to you as being different or even strange. Here are a few foods that you can try if you are truly adventurous:

How to Choose & Use Airbnb

Airbnb is a service that manages a relationship between those who want to rent accommodation and those who can provide it. The places are usually someone’s own property and are akin to the traditional bed and breakfast type of lodgings, with a more homely feel. The service offers tourists another option besides the usual offering of camping, hostels, cottages, hotels etc. They are usually more private than camping and hostels and cheaper than hotels plus they often provide the added benefit of interacting with a local resident. So how do you go about using the service? Here’s a handy guide to choosing and using Airbnb:

Hostel Do’s and Don’ts

This is a guide to staying in hostel accommodation. If you want a cheap place to bed down for the night then hostelling is a great option. Here are some ways to make your experience more comfortable for you, and your fellow travellers.

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