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How to be a Responsible Traveller

With greater numbers of people travelling comes a greater need for responsibility. The planet can only continue to sustain life if we give it the respect it deserves. In addition, the preservation of locations we visit needs to be considered and also the local people should be given the courtesy they deserve. So how do we go about this? Well here is a handy guide with a few tips on how to be a responsible traveller:

Hostel Do’s and Don’ts

This is a guide to staying in hostel accommodation. If you want a cheap place to bed down for the night then hostelling is a great option. Here are some ways to make your experience more comfortable for you, and your fellow travellers.

The WORST Holiday You Could Possibly Take

Cruises. Massive floating cities with thousands of passengers that spend short amounts of time in multiple destinations. So what’s so wrong with that? Lots of people love cruising but not so many cruisers know what kind of impact the cruise is having on them, where they visit or how badly it can end up. Here are just a few reasons why taking a cruise is the worst way to travel:

Nine Weird Ways to Get Arrested Abroad

Sun, sea, sand and having a great time is usually at the forefront of most tourist’s minds. However, it can quickly turn into a holiday nightmare if they unknowingly break a law. Murder, theft, assault, and rape might be obviously forbidden, but there is a whole range of unusual crimes that can catch travellers unaware. Here are just a few examples to demonstrate the seemingly strange ways to end up locked up abroad.

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