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The Dragon Tales of Ljubljana, Slovenia

“If a virgin crosses the bridge, the dragons swish their tails”, so the legend goes. Apparently, Jason, of the Argonauts fame, killed a local swamp dwelling dragon in Slovenia as part of his epic quest for the Golden Fleece. A few of his crew stayed behind and settled in the area, establishing a hamlet that would grow into modern day Ljubljana. Today, the dragon is the symbol of the city and one of the earliest constructions of a river crossing using concrete is festooned with statues of the beast. Whether they actually twitch their tails or not is yet to be confirmed, so keep your eyes out for any movement. Nevertheless, the bridge is a great place to start a little tour around the city, which is small enough to easily be covered by foot.

The Coolest Local Bars in Ljubljana, Slovenia

If you want to really know a place, get to know the culture and people. There’s no better way to do this than by seeking out the top local bars and Ljubljana has some awesome offerings, where friendly is an understatement. The centre of town has some beautiful riverside cocktail lounges and wine bars, but if you want to head out of the tourist trap and into reality, head west. There you will find a collection of cool joints, from diverse to a dive to the divine. Here’s a selection of the best:

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