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Palermo Holiday Guide: Where to Go and What to Eat

Incredibly beautiful and boasting great weather, seascapes, food and history- Italy’s southern island Sicily has an endless amount to offer its visitors. So, where better to start your Sicilian adventure than its fascinating capital Palermo. With flights from most major UK cities Palermo is a great place to start, or indeed enjoy your entire holiday without ever getting bored.

Unusual Foods to Try When Travelling

One of the best aspects of visiting another country is trying their national foods and regional specialties. Most of the time they feature the usual meats, carbs, and vegetables with maybe some different herbs and spices or methods of preparation or cooking. Sometimes you do encounter cuisine that might seem to you as being different or even strange. Here are a few foods that you can try if you are truly adventurous:

The Coolest Local Bars in Ljubljana, Slovenia

If you want to really know a place, get to know the culture and people. There’s no better way to do this than by seeking out the top local bars and Ljubljana has some awesome offerings, where friendly is an understatement. The centre of town has some beautiful riverside cocktail lounges and wine bars, but if you want to head out of the tourist trap and into reality, head west. There you will find a collection of cool joints, from diverse to a dive to the divine. Here’s a selection of the best:

How to Choose & Use Airbnb

Airbnb is a service that manages a relationship between those who want to rent accommodation and those who can provide it. The places are usually someone’s own property and are akin to the traditional bed and breakfast type of lodgings, with a more homely feel. The service offers tourists another option besides the usual offering of camping, hostels, cottages, hotels etc. They are usually more private than camping and hostels and cheaper than hotels plus they often provide the added benefit of interacting with a local resident. So how do you go about using the service? Here’s a handy guide to choosing and using Airbnb:

Dignified Dining in Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a city of spectacular grandeur, oozing opulence at every opportunity. This is evident everywhere, from the architecture to the food. So if you want to eat like an Emperor and dine like a dignitary, this is your number one dietary destination. Here are a few suggestions for how you too can find some fancy feasts:

Best Things to Do in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar has so many special treats to offer visitors, it is much more than just a tropical island fringed with white sandy beaches. But what are the best things to do? Here’s a quick guide on how to get the most out of your time on Zanzibar.

How to Overcome the Post Travel Blues

Have you ever arrived back home after an epic travel experience and just felt ‘meh’?

I first got the post-travel blues in 2004. I had come back from India, having spent ten days in the jungle spotting tigers during the day and dancing with local villagers in the evening. I’d had a crazy day visiting the landmarks of Delhi and a quick look at the mighty Taj Mahal. I’d flown into the region of Madhya Pradesh on a plane with an interior decorated with 1970’s flock wallpapered. I’d travelled out on a local train where the porters carry ten bags balanced on their heads and you share a bunk with too many cockroaches for comfort. It was all wonderfully weird and exhilarating and I was dying to tell everyone about my amazing adventures.

Uncle Tan’s Jungle Camp, Borneo, Malaysia

“Orang-utan, Orang-utan!” A campmate was gesticulating wildly/madly and whispering as loud as possible. I was suspicious; declaring that there were Orangutan spotted on every excursion had become a running joke, but this was different, we were just sat around in our jungle camp base. Suddenly, I realised this wasn’t a new version of the prank, it was the real deal. I grabbed my camera and walked along the wooden footpath to the end of the line of huts. I looked up and there in the trees was not only an Orangutan, there was a baby Orangutan too!

Hostel Do’s and Don’ts

This is a guide to staying in hostel accommodation. If you want a cheap place to bed down for the night then hostelling is a great option. Here are some ways to make your experience more comfortable for you, and your fellow travellers.

A Fish Out of Water: Diving Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia

“Just don’t smile,” Che advised me. Suddenly everything made sense, I wasn’t experiencing hell in paradise. I didn’t realise that a natural reaction to discovering the wonders of the submarinal world was the root of all my problems. After all, I had only learnt to swim properly and overcome my fear of deep water three months earlier!

I had been advised to learn how to scuba dive by my friend’s husband when I mentioned I was heading to Borneo. I signed up for a course with Scuba Junkies, who were based out of Semporna, a tiny village on the south of the Malaysian side of the island. They had just opened a hostel opposite their shop, with a bar that served pizzas to the guests, all of which were on pilgrimage to explore one of the dive world’s meccas. Sipadan is a coral reef island, formed on top of an extinct volcano and is teeming with marine life. There were some serious professionals around, including Scandinavian ice divers and specialist deep sea macro photographers. In comparison I was completely out of my depth.

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