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Clinking & Terror in Cinque Terre, Italy

‘It is the most beautiful walk and it is free,’ the girl in the cafe told us. Sold! What could possibly go wrong? We had just arrived in the area of Italy famous for five multi-coloured cliff-hugging villages and hungry for an adventure. Cinque Terre is made up of the pretty towns of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarolo and Riomaggiore. The hike from Levanto to the most westerly Cinque Terre settlement of Monterosso was our first activity. Levanto was a short cheap train ride from Vernazza, our base for the weekend, which we chose as it was noted to be the most beautiful and easily accessible by boat.

How to Survive a Long Haul Flight

If you are heading to a far-flung destination it usually means you need to spend several hours in the air. This can either be a great journey or a very boring waste of time, depending on how you manage it. The secret to surviving long-haul flights is to maximise the experience, and these tips can show you how to do it:

The Sweetest Thing, Bergamo, Italy.

She clutched the cake to her heart and smiled. I couldn’t resist. Through a series of gestures I got the gist of what she was trying to communicate, this was her favourite, ‘Turta del Dunizet della Bergamasca’. I really hadn’t counted on there being two signature cakes in Bergamo, as well as a famous ice cream, but hey, in for a penny, in for several pounds of sugar! The best sales lady ever worked at La Marianna, Bergamo’s most revered pasticceria.

Travel Planning: Why You Should ALWAYS Get Travel Insurance

You have bought the flights, found the accommodation, arranged your foreign currency, researched activities, and packed the sunscreen. There’s one last thing to do, and that’s getting almost every eventuality backed up by insurance. So why is it a good idea to buy travel cover? Here are a few reasons to consider why buying adequate insurance is a good idea:

The Dragon Tales of Ljubljana, Slovenia

“If a virgin crosses the bridge, the dragons swish their tails”, so the legend goes. Apparently, Jason, of the Argonauts fame, killed a local swamp dwelling dragon in Slovenia as part of his epic quest for the Golden Fleece. A few of his crew stayed behind and settled in the area, establishing a hamlet that would grow into modern day Ljubljana. Today, the dragon is the symbol of the city and one of the earliest constructions of a river crossing using concrete is festooned with statues of the beast. Whether they actually twitch their tails or not is yet to be confirmed, so keep your eyes out for any movement. Nevertheless, the bridge is a great place to start a little tour around the city, which is small enough to easily be covered by foot.

A Handy List of Travel Apps

Once upon a time, you travelled with a heavy guidebook, a muster of courage to ask a local for more information and by crossing your fingers for luck. These days all you need to know is condensed into a small gadget; all that nervousness, excitement and air of uncertainty has vanished. Information is available to you anywhere there is a network or WIFI signal and you have a smartphone device loaded with lots of useful apps. But which apps are the best? Here’s a guide to some of the handiest apps out there.

Buda’s Bourgeoisie Belt, Budapest, Hungary

Hungary is the epitome of a wild child – brought up in a well-to-do environment but as a teenager subsequently fell in with the wrong crowd twice, rebelled and fell out of those formative years a product of their experience…. Continue Reading →

How to be a Responsible Traveller

With greater numbers of people travelling comes a greater need for responsibility. The planet can only continue to sustain life if we give it the respect it deserves. In addition, the preservation of locations we visit needs to be considered and also the local people should be given the courtesy they deserve. So how do we go about this? Well here is a handy guide with a few tips on how to be a responsible traveller:

Best of the Pest, Budapest, Hungary

What we know as modern-day Budapest is a product of a menage a trois. In 1873 the three towns of Buda, Pest, and Obuda were connected by the construction of the chain bridge. However, the personalities of each area are very distinct and although they are now part of the same city, they seem to be worlds apart. Buda is the posh, decadent side, where the art is in galleries and the buildings are neo-gothically ornate. Pest, on the other hand, is the rebellious, real Hungary, where the bars are in ruins and the art is sprayed on the walls. 

Palermo Holiday Guide: Where to Go and What to Eat

Incredibly beautiful and boasting great weather, seascapes, food and history- Italy’s southern island Sicily has an endless amount to offer its visitors. So, where better to start your Sicilian adventure than its fascinating capital Palermo. With flights from most major UK cities Palermo is a great place to start, or indeed enjoy your entire holiday without ever getting bored.

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