I’m Annie!

Have you ever wanted to travel but can’t find the funds?

Maybe you are not sure if it is safe?

Or you want to have more fulfilling and satisfying travels?

  • I coach travellers on how to plan and fund their adventures so that they can go as far as they want for as long as they want.
  • I teach people how to choose a safe place to travel to and how to stay safe when they are there.
  • I mentor people so that they have meaningful and worthwhile experiences.
  • I show people how to overcome their fears and phobias.
  • I guide voluntourists to choose ethical projects that add value to communities.

Through all my wonderful and not so wonderful years abroad, I’ve become

  • a confident female solo adventurer
  • a digital nomad
  • financially independent
  • my own boss
  • a self-confessed peripatetic

and I know the secret to more rewarding experiences.

I first backpacked through Morocco in 2000. Before that, it was always cheap ‘package holidays’ to somewhere with a few friends, a beach, and some bars. Picked up at the airport, taken to a safe resort and looked after by a rep, it was basically holiday 101.

Morocco was a huge step up. Taking ‘chicken’ buses through a country where people only spoke Arabic or French, neither of which I knew, was a lesson in survival. After I had ridden camels into the Sahara and watched the sunrise with a kitten on my knee I was hooked; I wanted to go everywhere and see everything.


The problem was I was afraid. In Morocco I had a guide, my friend who had travelled extensively by himself and knew what to do. I decided that every trip after that was going to be a personal challenge.

I pushed myself to step out of my comfort zone.

My job was well paid and involved working abroad. I had the safety net of flying with colleagues, which is how I overcame my fear of long flights. I chose to take vacations with companies that provided accompanied tours to more adventurous places. I learned something new on every trip, to the point where I became aware that I needed to break free.

After a tiger safari in India where I danced with the local community, I returned home to dark, grey, miserable and lonely London.

I had a massive realisation.

Even though I had my own house, expensive furnishings and plenty of friends, it just didn’t satisfy me anymore. Owning stuff was boring. The time I had away was more rewarding than material possessions.

I wanted to live and work abroad.

I made a plan. I was going to take redundancy, sell my property, study for my Masters and take a job in East Africa. Everyone told me I was ‘brave’. I thought they were braver staying in an environment where they could be out of a job in a matter of hours, despite their hard work and loyalty.

Then I realised. I was stepping out of one work situation and throwing myself into another. Where was my personal development? How could I prepare myself if all I knew was school and office work?

I decided to go on a gap year. In those 363 days of continuous travel, I learned so much. Despite being afraid of deep open water, I took swimming lessons before I left and learned to scuba dive in Borneo. I stayed in jungle bush camps, navigated the streets of Tokyo, bungee jumped in New Zealand and slept outside in the Australian outback. My fears of heights and large insects were put to the test.

I returned to the UK a much more confident and capable woman. I gained my Masters and took a voluntary role in my dream location. But I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

It turned out to be a disaster. 

It was all a scam. The research company was a front. Nothing was ever published, whilst the owners took huge pay cheques. I had been conned into the situation where I couldn’t leave and I didn’t want to stay. I had a hard time, but I finished my contract.

It didn’t deter me.

I became an expat and lived in Tanzania for seven years. I ran my own organsiation and taught myself fundraising, proposal writing, and accounting. I won two awards at MIT for my concept to build resilience in coastal communities to climate change. However, despite every effort, it failed.

It doesn’t matter, I have bouncebackability. 

After all that I can handle pretty much anything that is thrown at me.

I’m currently based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom, which is The Rough Guide’s number one destination for 2018. I’m now putting all my experiences and expertise into words and actions as a travel writer, blogger, and coach.

So what’s the secret to more rewarding experiences?

Reaching your travel goals.

Do you want to be confident, location independent and travelling further for longer?

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