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April 2018

Grand Old Days of Yore, York, United Kingdom

‘The history of York is the history of England’ remarked King George VI. Since its founding as a garrison for the Roman army, this northern city has featured in many important prominent moments, from the marauding invaders the Vikings to warring Kings and Nazi bombings. The town just oozes bygone times, with its Norman churches, Medieval shops, and Cold War bunkers. As a former busy port that rivaled London York was and a centre for spiritual study and worship, York suffered under the new religious regime of the Tudors but later found new purpose as the centre for the railways. At every corner, York has a heap of heritage to explore.

Travel Health: How to Conquer the Fear of Flying

TL:DR The nine steps to overcome aviophobia – the fear of flying. Seek professional assistance from therapists and fear of flying courses, research the science behind modern flights and learn relaxation techniques. Start off slowly by visualising the experience and once… Continue Reading →

Iconically​ Dutch Zaanse Schans & Delft, The Netherlands

Name some famous Dutch things. What comes to mind? Windmills? Clogs? Cycling? Cheese? Pancakes? Blue and white pottery?  If you are short on time skip Amsterdam and instead visit Zaanse Schans and then pop over to Delft to get an iconic Netherlands experience.

Travel Funding: The Quick & Easy Way to Make Extra Spending Money

TL;DR Matched betting utilises the free bet offers from bookmakers to generate free cash by ensuring the bet never loses. It’s a simple concept that can quickly make you over £1,000, which covers the cost of a trip away. This… Continue Reading →

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