Travel Funding Bootcamp: How to quickly MAKE money to finance your travels

Having the experiences you want and reaching your travel goals is totally possible if you are willing to put in the effort. Follow these steps to easily fund travelling further for longer.

If you haven’t started your ‘diet’ then check out ‘How to easily SAVE money to finance your travels’, part one of the Funding Travel Bootcamp series. Now we are going to bulk up those savings by simply generating oodles of cash.

Here’s how:

get rid of unwanted or unneeded items by putting them up for sale

  1. Sell, sell, sell

Raid the wardrobe, loft, cellar, shed and find everything you have not used in the past two years. It’s time to turn that unused pair of shoes into an awesome travel experience.

You will be surprised at what can earn you big bucks, so check the price of similar items first by doing a Google search. It’s always a good idea to wash and brush up your items before taking a picture and posting in your market.

Keep an eye out for anything that might be collectable or valuable, Granny’s antique hair slide might be worth taking to the auction house instead. Get an expert’s opinion and then get another one just in case.

There are plenty of places to flog your stuff.

Online Marketplaces :

Local online sales portals:

Specialist sites:

  • Ruby Lane is the best place to sell your antiques. 
  • MusicMagpie is a great site that buys your old CD’s, DVD’s and books.
  • Webuyanyphone, Envirofone and other sites take your old mobiles/cell phone for cash.

In real life:

  • Auctions
  • Car boot fairs/yard sales

Also, consider saving your trash and selling this too. Crafters and other recyclers can make use of your rubbish if you collect and sell in bulk. Items such as glass jars, coat hangers, and wine corks can make you money. Search the list of websites above to see what is being sold and in what quantities. It could literally be money for old rope!

use your creative skills to generate more cash

2. Get Crafty

If you can make cards, jewellery, cakes or clothes and sell them, then this will bring in a nice bonus for your travel fund. There are lots of places to learn how to bake, knit, sew and create crafts so if you don’t know how then you can always learn.

If you wanted to be super clever, find some items for free or very cheap at free recycling website and apps such as Freecycle, Freegle, and Olio, or the marketplaces listed above, spruce them up and resell. Upcycle and make it rain.

Use sites such as Etsy as an online shop, use existing space within local businesses or set up your own stall at a market.

an extra job can help build those funds

3. Take on extra work

There are jobs that you can fit around your existing schedule in order to bring in those extra pennies. Ask around, look at job boards in supermarkets, walk around the town centre, search online.

  • Cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Bartending
  • Delivery drivers
  • Supermarkets
  • Cafes
  • Taxi/minicab driving
  • Pet sitting/walking
  • Childminding
  • Modelling
  • Teaching/tutoring
  • Tour guiding

Whilst you are walking around, if you spy any job ads in windows and add them to the app Job Spotter, you get rewarded with Amazon vouchers. Almost like being paid to find work or take a walk.

If you don’t find anything, put your own job adverts out there and have customers come to you. Make sure you check the going rates and stand out from the competition with excellent professionalism and customer service, as well as rewarding loyalty. 

There is an increasing number of sites where you can find freelance work. It is all arranged online and you can set your own rates. Here are a few examples to get you started:

One sneaky trick is to find a job on Upwork and then use Fiverr to have someone complete it for you, you pocket the difference. Opportunities are everywhere!

If you want more tips like these, or perhaps some personal advice as to what would suit you best, just contact me for a FREE 30 minute finance coaching session. Your next trip could be funded sooner than you think!

4) Rent out your space

This is a great option that can make you some serious cash. Use these sites to:

HomeAway are even offering a £100 Gift Card just for renting out your holiday home on HomeAway. List today for free, then get a gift card when you receive your first booking.

  • Offer storage space for a fee. If you have a loft or cellar hire out that space using sites such as storenextdoor and stashbee
  • Charge for parking on your driveway if you live near a city centre or train station through websites like justpark and parkonmydrive.
  • You can rent out your spare car seats at blablacar and liftshare, to make money on your journeys.

rental incomes can be useful and quickly add up

5) Win Win Win

If you are good at games and trivia then there are a few ways that you can fund your travels by scooping up the cash prizes.

  • Apply for a TV game show 
  • Local quiz nights with cash prizes (some are £180 top prize every week!)
  • Karaoke/Singing competitions
  • Poker Tournaments
  • Online Competitions

So far I’ve passed the auditions for a major TV quiz show and I regularly enter online competitions. The Soulful Travels newsletter contains details of the best holiday contests so make sure you sign up!

Another great example is the free postcode lottery, which only takes a couple of seconds to check, but it is worth over £800. I also ran a trivia night for eighteen months, which was a great regular earner.

6) Make Money Whilst You Sleep

If you can create something that sells whilst you sleep then that’s a perfect way to boost your travel funds. The most popular ways to do this are:

extra vouchers and cash in hand add more pennies to the travel pot

7) Your Opinion is Worth Money

Answering a few questionnaires per day or going to a couple of focus groups can net you some extra cash. I use a couple of sites and although I don’t always get selected for focus groups, they are well paid and interesting. As for surveys, what only takes five minutes each day can quickly add you to a decent voucher for clothes, food etc.

I use Focus Force and Indiefield Consumer Directory to get focus group work. For online surveys, I use PineCone and GFK MediaView. So far these have provided neat ways to buy some travel essentials using the Amazon vouchers I have received from these sites just for sharing my opinion. 

easy, quick, guaranteed cash with matched betting

8) Free Money

I’ve made over £1000 from Risk Free Matched Betting, and it’s an easy, quick way to earn money with little effort. Basically, you sign up with an online betting agency and complete their sign up offer to gain free bets. The bets are laid off using an exchange betting site, so you never lose, enabling you to guarantee to make a profit from the free bets. It’s easy and quick.

You do need to follow the guidelines, keep track of your bets and have a float. The best way to do this is to sign up through Profit Accumulator, who guide you through each step with videos, forums and a support team.

If you want more tips like these, or perhaps some personal advice as to what would suit you best, just contact me for a FREE 30 minute finance coaching session. Your next trip could be funded sooner than you think!

Do you have any suggestions on how to fund your travels through making money?

34 thoughts on “Travel Funding Bootcamp: How to quickly MAKE money to finance your travels

Add yours

  1. Awesome tips Annie! One additional thing I do is put money in a piggy bank. So if I get paid in cash [like I usually do for babysitting], I will slip a portion of that into my piggy bank and by the time I’m headed on my next adventure, I’ll have a pretty healthy stash saved up for spending money, or to cover essentials!


    1. Hi Larissa! Great, it’s one of the tips I advise during my financial coaching sessions with clients – travel fund jars/tins etc. It’s even better if it’s see through so your growing savings inspire you to save more. Glad to hear you are working on extra funds for your trips 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is definitely the hardest part of travel for me. Thanks for the tips; some I already implement. But there is always room to make more and save more!


  3. These are great ideas! The links for freelancing are extremely useful, and I’d never even considered the postcode lottery or filling out opinion surveys. Definitely going to use these to put a few extra coins in the piggy bank!


  4. Excellent suggestions Annie! I have a ‘digital piggy bank’, I set my bank card to round amount I’m paying. Example: something costs 4,55 but rounds to 5 and 0,45 goes to my saving account. 🙂


      1. Haha, I believe it depends on the bank. Mine has this custom saving program. You can choose how you would like to save money. I decided to be ‘punished’ with 5% on my savings account each time I withdraw the money from ATM and to round up rhe amount when paying with card. It’s a contract for a year. You can always take your money if you need it but if you don’t touch it they give you small interest. 🙂 You should check if your bank has something similar.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. You’ve got some really good tips here! I’d never thought of making crafty items to sell…….and I love the idea of renting out my drive/car! I also love a good pub quiz but have never thought of it as a good option to win money! Thanks for some ingenious ideas 🙂


    1. Hope they help that travel fund Louise – yep £50 a week from the quiz would do nicely, but matched betting is still my quickest and easiest earner. Crafting is like being paid to do something so nice its a crime 🙂


    1. Tips of the iceberg Kristin, in my coaching sessions I personalise the advice to my clients strengths and then make sure they start actioning them, drill sergeant stylee. No pain no gain (well no physical pain per se.. but you get my wild drift)


    1. Yep, and whilst you are babysitting you can also max that time by filling in a couple of surveys or start creating your own ebook or youtube video (once they are tucked in bed and you can regularly check on them obvs) 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Those are fabulous ideas! I really need to try start selling some of my stuff as I have so many things I don’t need but I am too attached to it haha. Taking extra job online can be a great solution as well, instead of sitting and watching tv every evening you can spend extra hour or two and make extra cash! and winning stuff? ah that would be awesome 😀


    1. I have a friend who I swear wins every competition going… but a couple of minutes every day increases our chances, right? Plus TV shows just give cash away, so I have applied for three recently!!!


  7. I really like the tips! It’s true when I was saving for travel and leaving home for over a year I started to give and sell everything away. It’s amazing how liberating it can feel and getting rid of so much stuff that I never used. I’m actually quite the minimalist now 🙂


    1. Ah, my fave! When you travel you realise how much stuff is just…. stuff! You dont need much to survive and you can make and save so much cash with that mindset. Well done, embrace your minimalist awesomeness 🙂


  8. That’s what I call a super-detailed and useful list. The reason why we don’t have money to travel as much as we wish is usually that we don’t want to bother to take actions to make money. We know it’s possible and we have the options, like the ones mentioned here, but we need to make ourselves do it 😉


    1. More tips coming soon Leslie, including how to travel for free (or almost free!). You are so right, it’s like going on a money diet, you need to put in the hours to see the effects 🙂


  9. Some great suggestions Annie. We also use a high interest saver and have money go straight from our employer to that account so it is unaccounted for in our spend. It is like we never even earned it!


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