What is stopping you from travelling?

Safety concerns? Lack of funds?

Hi! I’m Annie Soul.

I’m a life coach that specialises in making travel stress free and affordable for everyone.

Follow my tips on easily saving money, quickly making money and how to travel for free so you can travel further, wiser and more purposefully.

I am also offering FREE 30 minute coaching session to personalise these tips, just for you.

  • Conveniently held at a time suitable for you over Skype or Facebook video chat
  • Identify your personal travel problems
  • Provide you with the knowledge and confidence to build your confidence or funds
  • Set activities and tasks you need to complete to grow your confidence or funds
  • Get your commitments to reaching your travel goals
  • Summary of the session sent to you via email

All of this for FREE. Contact me now!

I am here to help YOU have the BEST travel adventures EVER.

Annie is a contributor to World Nomads, has given her expert opinion as a travel professional on travelingbroad and her experience on surviving the reverse culture shock in this podcast. She is also an active community member of the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree platform where she shares her advice with other travellers who are looking to resolve their travel issues.

If you want to know more:

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